ABE offers a range of business qualifications which meet the learning needs of students like yourself, worldwide.

You may be either already in employment and wish to further your career by studying for a professional qualification, or alternatively, you may wish to follow the ABE Fast Track route* to a university degree. Either way, ABE is here to support you and to help you reach your goals.

Following the introduction of the new Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) in the UK, ABE has taken the opportunity to thoroughly revise its suite of qualifications in order to provide the most relevant and focused learning experience for students. ABE’s new QCF qualifications are examined at Level 4 Diploma through to Level 6 Diploma and, in the case of Business Management, Level 7 Diploma.

ABE has also developed the Extended Diploma in Business Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management. These diplomas are a composite of the Level 5 and 6 units in each programme and comprise 13 units in one stand-alone qualification. They are accredited by Ofqual as a Level 6 qualification. (For more information about the Extended Diplomas, please click here).

ABE qualifications are very flexible. Each qualification is made up of a designated number of units and the optional nature of these units enables you to specialise in the areas that particularly interest you.

Units can be studied in any order. Several units are common to more than one programme so you can choose to switch between qualifications or easily move on to take a second qualification at the same level.

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ABE qualifications provide a framework for you to progress through successive levels as you develop your skills and knowledge of business. The structure enables you to build on what you learn until you reach your intended level and then move on to your ultimate objective – such as university or a job based on your qualification.

*As you can see from the diagram above, attaining an ABE Level 5 Diploma enables you to start on the second year of a degree course and holding a Level 6 Diploma enables you to fast track onto the final year of a course, making it a faster and cheaper way to obtain your degree.

Post-graduation Report

ABE has researched what happens to their students after they achieve an ABE qualification.

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