ABE Membership levels

Listed below are the various levels of membership available with ABE.

1. Affiliate Member

Affiliate membership is designed for those who are interested in business management issues and wish to benefit from the online information and resources offered by ABE. This is a non-professional level of membership, and joining is easy as there is no entry requirement. Click here for an application form.

2. Student Member

Student membership is for those who are studying for an ABE qualification. Click here to register as a student.

3. Associate Member (AMABE)

Associate Membership is awarded to students who have completed their Level 5 Diploma (or NQF Diploma), or to new students who have registered for the Level 6 Diploma or Level 7 Diploma.

Students have the option of applying for an extended five year Associate subscription at a significant discount. Click here to download this form.

Associate Membership is also available to non-ABE student members who may not wish to study an ABE qualification at this time but would like to use their current and previous work experience to show that they have the knowledge and expertise required to become an Associate Member. Click here for a non-members application form.

Associate Members can use the letters AMABE after their name to demonstrate their level of achievement.

4. Member (MABE)

The next level up is Member. This is available for Level 5 Diploma holders (or NQF Diploma holders) with four years' managerial experience, and Level 6 (Extended) Diploma holders (or NQF Advanced Diploma holders) with two years' managerial experience. To apply for this upgrade, please click here to download the application form.

Students wishing to upgrade also have the option of applying for an extended five year Member subscription at a significant discount. Click here to download this form.

ABE also welcomes applications for this grade of membership from non-ABE student members who have at least 2 years’ experience of teaching ABE qualifications and have current or previous managerial work experience. Click here for the application form.

Members may use the letters MABE after their name in recognition of their level of achievement.

5. Fellow (FABE)

The highest level of membership is Fellow. To upgrade to a Fellow, a further four years (after becoming a Member) of management experience is required, plus a clear commitment to ABE. All applicants for the Fellow grade are interviewed before being recommended to the ABE council. Click here for the application form

Fellows are allowed to use the letters FABE after their name to show their level of achievement.

Code of Practice

The Association of Business Executives (ABE) has produced a Code of Professional Practice to enable its Members to play an active part in promoting and maintaining honourable managerial practice, thereby developing the confidence of the communities in which they live.

Members of the Association shall, therefore, in their capacity as managers: