How to study

One of the key benefits to studying with ABE is the flexibility of its programmes, meaning that you can choose the pathway of your qualification and the pace at which you achieve it.

The examination sessions happen twice a year, in June and December. Each ABE programme is made up of a number of units and you can decide to study several units simultaneously and opt to sit multiple exams in the same session, potentially gaining a qualification after the one session; or you can concentrate on each unit individually and spread your learning and examinations over several sessions. As a guideline, we recommend that students sit no more than 5 exams in any one session so they have ample time to prepare for each unit.

Studying with a college

Most students opt to study ABE programmes via an accredited college and with more than 400 colleges in over 80 countries worldwide, there is a lot of choice on offer.

The colleges over a range of flexible study options, which can include standard classroom teaching or a more blended approach of classroom and self-study or distance learning; whereas a few others offer distance learning exclusively.

Whether you wish to study full-time or part-time, there will be an option for you.

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Self-study is also a very popular option with our students. ABE provides comprehensive online resources which are available in the Members Area section of our website. Once you have registered with ABE and become a member, you will be able to access this area of the site and review the resource materials there. (More information on these resources can be found below).

Student support

ABE provides all its students with the following:

In addition there are a host of helpful articles and information relating to the examinations, which include: