ABE qualifications teach you about the key areas of business management. They therefore help when applying for jobs, as potential employers can see that you understand the subject and have a qualification to prove it. This will give you a distinct advantage over other competing, unqualified applicants.

Employers will value your self-discipline because you have taken the time and effort to improve your skills and knowledge. As well as showing your dedication and commitment, you are likely to become a more effective employee sooner than an unqualified person. This appeals to employers who want to employ keen and knowledgeable applicants. Employers like the fact that they will not have to pay to train you in general business management as you are already trained!

ABE qualifications can also help you develop your career and win the promotion you desire. If you want to move up to a higher position then you need to be able to prove that you understand the principles of management and an ABE qualification enables you to show this.

If you want to change career, then an ABE qualification can help again. For example, if you are working in HR, but want to move into marketing, then having an ABE qualification will show that you have the relevant specialist knowledge.

Even if you are not looking for an immediate promotion or to change roles, then an ABE qualification will still help you perform better in your current position, as you will understand how and why decisions are made. Indeed you will be able to make a positive contribution to your organisation’s plans and operations using the knowledge of business principles and practice you gain from your ABE studies.

Around half of the students studying for an ABE qualification do so because it will help them find a job or obtain a promotion (the other half do so because it will enable them to go to university). A survey of ABE graduates who have entered full time employment immediately after finishing their ABE studies (instead of going to university) shows that they work across all business areas:

Finance / Insurance / Banking 23%
Government / Public sector 14%
Transport / Distribution / Motor 8%
Education 6%
NGO 6%
Customer services / Administration 5%
Telecommunications 5%
Health 4%
Agriculture / Food production 4%
Manufacturing / Engineering 4%
IT 3%
Utilities 3%
Construction 3%
Tourism 2%
Media 2%
Mining 1%
Other services 7%

So boost your career prospects with an ABE qualification in Business Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management or Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management.