Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH) and the Association of Business Executives (ABE) have signed a ground breaking partnership to mutually recognise each other’s awards. This will enable students at both awarding bodies to gain dual qualifications which will significantly enhance their career prospects.

About the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality

The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) is one of the UK's leading professional membership and awarding body for qualifications in the fastest growing commercial sector worldwide. Over the last 28 years CTH has focused on developing and adding value to careers in the industry, globally. CTH was established in 1982 as a specialist professional body in the UK to focus on the training needs of new entrants to the hospitality and tourism industries, and now has accredited colleges worldwide delivering sought after CTH qualification.

CTH provide a ladder of progression in Tourism, Travel and Hospitality qualifications at Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma level, and CTH qualifications provide appropriate academic preparation for students to apply for entry onto their final year degree programmes and Masters top us programs. This route delivers well trained and qualified employees and leaders for the sector. CTH ensures its quality through its approved status with Ofqual and the QCA’s UK accredited qualification framework. All qualifications are developed in conjunction with the UK Sector Skills Council, People1st, to ensure relevance, value and quality. This approach guarantees that CTH qualifications are valued by employers throughout the world. CTH is a member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies; CTH’s management qualifications are endorsed by over 25 British and international universities.

CTH also has strong links with industry, with effective relationships and high profile endorsements from organisations such as Virgin Atlantic, GTMC, Star Alliance, Marriot Hotels Caribbean, Radisson Edwardian, and Sheraton Hotels, Mantis Collection, Adair Leadership, The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and many others.

Working together

CTH and ABE have entered into a collaborative partnership to provide enhanced services for their members and support their career development.

The collaboration is formed with the view of achieving the following:>

More flexible qualifications

The following CTH and ABE units entitle you to an exemption from the equivalent unit from the other’s qualification:

CTH unit ABE unit
Tourism Industry (Level 4) Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (Level 4)
Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism
(Level 4)
Introduction to Marketing (Level 4)
Finance for Hospitality and Tourism
(Level 4)
Introduction to Accounting (Level 4)
Building Customer Relationships (Level 4) Managing the Customer Relationship (Level 5)
Human Resource Management (Level 5) Human Resource Management (Level 5)
The Financial Aspects of a Hospitality and Tourism Business (Level 5) Management Accounting (Level 6) *
Managerial Accounting (Level 5) Management Accounting (Level 6) *
Sustainable Tourism Management
(Level 5)
Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development (Level 6)
Emerging Issues in the Tourism Industry (Level 6) International Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (Level 6)
Strategic Management for Hospitality and Tourism (Level 6) Corporate Strategy and Planning (Level 6) *)
Business Strategy for Hospitality and Tourism (Level 6)
Strategic Management in Hospitality and Tourism (Level 5)
Corporate Strategy and Planning (Level 6) *
Understanding Global Hospitality and Tourism Industries (Level 4) ** International Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (Level 6) **

* Some ABE units match more than one CTH unit but only one exemption can be claimed.

** CTH accepts ABE (but not vice versa).

Wider access to qualifications

Better career opportunities

What is next?

CTH and ABE are continuing to develop the partnership and we will be making further specific details available through this website in the near future.

If you are a student with ABE or a graduate of CTH and would like further information, please contact us as follows:

CTH - click here

ABE - click here