After the exams

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Award certificates should be received within three months after release of examination results. Arrival times can vary from country to country depending on the international post. ABE will not issue a replacement certificate until these three months have passed. Please click here for further information about replacement certificates.

Enquiries about results (EAR)

ABE has in place a wide range of checks and quality assurance procedures to ensure that every learner who takes an ABE assessment receives a result which accurately reflects their performance. However, on occasion, a learner may consider that their assessment result is not an accurate reflection of their performance, or that they have been unfairly disadvantaged through a special consideration or malpractice decision.

ABE supports the right of individuals to enquire about their result and to appeal against the outcome of those decisions. ABE confirms that procedures are in place to ensure that all enquiries about results and appeals are dealt with independently and efficiently.

Learners may only choose to appeal OR enquire about their results within each session.

An appeal against a result or an enquiry about results can result in the original grade being confirmed, raised or lowered. Where a grade is changed, the new grade will replace the original grade, whether it is higher or lower.

There are two result enquiry services available for learners. Only one service can be requested at any one time for a result, and so it is important to consider which service is most appropriate. EAR fees are non-refundable. In order to apply for an EAR you must complete the EAR1 form and return this to ABE with correct payment within 10 days of release of results.

For information on the ABE Results Enquiries and Appeals Policy and how to apply, please go to the Members Area.


Where a candidate or centre is unsatisfied with a decision taken by ABE regarding assessments, a penalty due to malpractice, or the decision to not grant special considerations or reasonable adjustments, and only where the standard enquiries and challenges procedures have been exhausted, a candidate or centre may decide to lodge an appeal to ABE. This appeal will take the form of a review by an appeals committee. The appeals process is the formal and final option for centres or candidates to dispute a decision once all other procedures have been exhausted.

To request an independent review, the Candidate/Centre must submit an EAR1 form with appropriate payment to the ABE Quality Manager within 10 working days of receiving the outcome of their final enquiry or challenge. ABE will acknowledge the request within 5 working days of its receipt, giving an indication of the period within which the matter will be considered.

For more information, please log in to the members area to view ABE’s Appeals & EAR Policy.

Special Considerations

Special consideration involves a review that may result in a small adjustment for a candidate who has not been able to perform to the best of their ability because of exceptional circumstances beyond their control. Special Consideration requests are reviewed on a case by case basis, depending on the specific circumstances and the evidence provided. Please note, the granting of Special Consideration will not necessarily result in a change to an assessment grade.

In order to apply for a special consideration candidates must complete the form and return this to ABE, with supporting evidence, within 7 days after the examination. Forms received later than this will not be considered.

The ABE Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration Policy document can be found here.

Replacement certificates

In the event that you misplace your certificates or they fail to arrive via the post, ABE will issue you a replacement free of charge provided you notify the office within 6 months of the exam session whereby you completed your qualification.

For example, if you pass your final Level 5 Higher Diploma unit in June 2012, your certificate will be posted out to you in August 2012. If it has failed to arrive by October, you would need to contact the ABE office to request a replacement. Should you leave it longer than 6 months, we will still issue you a replacement certificate but only upon payment of a £25 (GBP25) fee.

For an application form, please click here.