ABE Africa Division

The Association of Business Executives has established an Africa Division. Its mission is to encourage businesses in Africa to develop the knowledge and skills of their employees - and others - for the benefit of their organisations, the individuals concerned, employers and the countries where they live and work.

We are honoured to have as the President the Rt Hon. Nahas Angula, Prime Minister of Namibia. The Vice Presidents are Dr. David Namwandi, Deputy Minister of Education for Namibia, and the Hon. Abubacarr Jah, Honorary Consul from the Republic of The Gambia to Malaysia. Previous Vice Presidents include Hon. Anna Kachikho, recently Minister for Local Government and Rural Development for Malawi.

The Vice Presidents are former ABE students and so are ideally placed to show young people in Africa how an ABE qualification will help them succeed in their career.

There are more than 200 ABE accredited colleges across Africa with teaching provision for ABE qualifications.

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Entrepreneurship in Africa

ABE exists to support the development of business skills. It surveyed more than 12,000 of its students in Africa to find out about their attitudes to entrepreneurship. They identified the best opportunities to start a business, the best profit potential by international region, what government needs to do, what is needed to support economic growth, how long the current economic boom will continue and other subjects. The results have been published in a Report - Entrepreneurship in Africa.

The Report covers a wide range of areas:

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